Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition Wheels for FRS BRZ
Product Details:
  • Type: Wheels
  • Manufacturer: Volk
  • Part Number: TE37SLB
  • Tags: Black Edition, BRZ, Dynosty, FR-S, Rays, TE37, TE37SL, Volk
Price: $3,499.00
Product Description

One of the most popular wheels offered from Rays Engineering are the Volk Racing TE37s, now offered in the SL (super light) model where they were able to shave 400 grams off the already light weight wheel with the same strength and rigidity as the current TE37 model.  The Black Edition being the newest addition to the Volk line is offered in Pressed Black with Luminous Stickers.  Pricing starting at $3499, only 50% deposit needed to order!


Price is for a set of 4 wheels shipped in the 48 continental us states.