Sprintex Supercharger Kit for Scion FRS Subaru BRZ- Intercooled and Non Intercooled
Product Details:
  • Type: Forced Induction
  • Manufacturer: Sprintex
  • Part Number: SPR-FRS-IC
  • Tags: brz, fa20, frs, intercooler, sprintex, supercharger
Price: $4,395.00
Product Description

Excellent performance, high efficiency & reliability, to deliver INSTANT BOOST from low RPM.

-Uses the ultra efficient S5-210 screw compressor which provides a denser charge, creating more power and torque, particularly at low RPM
-OEM quality inlet manifold
-High efficiency water to air intercooler system incorporating Laminova® tubes (optional) 
-Manufactured under ISO 9001
-Fits left and right hand drive vehicles, automatic and manual vehicles
-Fully integrated supercharger system 
-No cutting or welding of standard body or frame components
-Sprintex system parts are warranted for 12 months or 12,000 miles / 20,000KM


Upgraded supercharger unit and smaller pulleys available. Call or email for more info.