NX Nitrous Express Plate Kit for FR-S BRZ
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Product Description

A Nitrous Kit for your Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ is a quick and easy way to add serious performance. Nitrous Express makes a nitrous kit specifically for the FR-S and BRZ, which makes this performance mod a breeze to install. Add horsepower to your 2.0L FA20 boxer engine quick by ordering this nitrous plate kit today!

Included in the NX Nitrous Express Kit:

FR-S BRZ Plate Kit that bolts to intake manifold

NX Fuel and NX Nitrous Solenoids

10# NX Nitrous Bottle and lines

Fuel Adapter, Wiring, Relay etc

Nitrous Jetting for 35, 50, 75 and 100HP Shots


We recommend a Dynosty ECU reflash to go with a nitrous system on your FR-S, especially if going >50 shot nitrous kit. The Dynosty reflash will retard ignition timing to ensure your enjoy runs it's best with the nitrous added. Add it using the drop down box. You will be required to send your ECU to Dynosty which will be reflashed same-day and can be sent back with overnight delivery at additional charge if required to minimze downtime.

Also consider a bottle heater with gauge and purge kit to go with your system. Add them using the drop down boxes.