ISC Suspension Coilovers for FRS BRZ
Product Details:
  • Type: Suspension
  • Manufacturer: ISC Suspension
  • Part Number: ISC FRS BRZ
  • Tags: BRZ, Coilovers, Drop, FRS, ISC Suspension, Springs
Price: $955.00
Product Description

All coilovers come with a 2 year warranty to put your mind at ease. This covers any manufacturer defects or leaking shocks. If our product fails after the 2 year time frame you can have these rebuilt at 65$ per side. Seized coilovers are a result of a lack of maintenance, this is not covered under warranty like every coilover manufacturer.

The N1 coilover can be lowered approximately 3 inches lower then standard ride height, this along with a spring rate setup to suit your car improves handling and stability dramatically. we make packages for track/rally/drag and of course street, to help our customers out even more we give them the option to pick there own custom spring rates at no extra charge.