Innovate Twin Screw Supercharger for FRS BRZ
Product Details:
  • Type: Forced Induction
  • Manufacturer: Innovate Motorsports
  • Part Number: TWINSCREWSC-Stg1Tuner
  • Tags: bullet superchargers, fa20, innovate motorsports, positive displacement, roots, Scion FR-S, sprintex, Subaru BRZ, supercharger, twin screw
Product Description

Innovate Motorsports, Sprintex, and Bullet Superchargers teamed up to bring us this high performance twin screw supercharger system for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. The positive displacement twin screw supercharger provides unrivaled low and mid range torque while still maintaining impressive peak power. The system includes a performance intake manifold to replace the stock plastic intake manifold.

Stage 1: Non-intercooled (Available now!) This will be upgradable to stage 2 intercooled when that option becomes available.

Stage 2: Intercooled  (Not yet available! Still in development)

*Tuner kits are the only option currently available, and do not include engine management. Tuning is required to run this system - consider a Dynosty tune with your purchase.