Greddy ITB Individual Throttle Bodies for Scion FRS BRZ 86
Product Details:
  • Type: Intake
  • Manufacturer: Greddy
  • Part Number: GRE 11910200
  • Tags: greddy, individual throttle body, intake, itb, throttle bodies
Price: $2,599.00
Product Description

GReddy Performance Products Individual Throttle Body conversion kit for the FRS/86/BRZ FA20 engine is designed to improve throttle response and mid-range torque. The system utilizes the stock FA20 electronic single throttle body, through special linkages, to operate the ITBs. The bolt-on kit includes necessary hardware, brackets, vacuum canister, high quality, cast intake manifold adapters, large diameter runners and an intake manifold plenum to the stock throttle position. This makes the GPP ITB conversion compatible with the stock air intake, or any aftermarket air intake or turbo kit, which connects in the factory throttle position. The kit also includes balancing tools - Throttle Body Synchronizer and electronic A/F dongle for equalizing each cylinder.

Compatible with Stock Air Intake, GReddy Air Intake(s) and GReddy Turbo Kit(s)  (and forced induction kits which mount to stock location)

Greddy Toyota 86 ITB Kit includes the following performance parts: 
Greddy cast aluminum ITB intake manifolds, left and right
Genuine Toyota Japan AE111 20V Individual Throttle Bodies with 48mm butterflies
Large cast runners and intake manifold plenum
Necessary gaskets, heat shields, couplings, hose, mounting brackets, etc.

Tuning solution is not included but is required. Recommend EcuTek reflash with Dynosty tune. OEM drive by wire throttle and compatible fuel injectors and fuel rail are required.