Dynosty Reflash Using EcuTek
Product Details:
  • Type: Engine
  • Manufacturer: Dynosty
  • Part Number: ECUTEK
  • Tags: dyno tuning, dynosty, ecutek, reflash, scion fr-s, subaru brz
Price: $699.00
Product Description

Dynosty is a proud to EcuTek Pro-Tuning facility. We can maximize your power, reliability and economy on our in-house Dyno Dynamics. Our trained and experienced tuner can recalibrate your Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S factory ECU ROM for maximum benefit.

Benefits include: horsepower gains, improved fuel economy, improved drivability, better gas mileage mpg
Tuning maps for specific fuels such as 91 octane, 93 octane and E85 available!

This product purchase requires custom dyno tuning at our Louisville, KY location or on-site at your location (additional charges may apply). Call us to schedule your EcuTek tuning session.

Price includes flash license and dyno tuning for NA vehicles with basic bolt-ons only. Call to discuss forced induction tuning solutions to fit your needs.