Cusco Lightweight Pulley Set for FRS BRZ 86
Product Details:
  • Type: Engine
  • Manufacturer: Cusco
  • Part Number: CUS 965 733 A
  • Tags: aluminum pulleys, cusco, cusco pulley set, light weight pulley, scion frs, subaru brz
Price: $499.00
Product Description

The Cusco Light Weight Aluminum Pulley Set is a 3 piece pulley kit to reduce rotational weight that the FR-S or BRZ engine has to spin. This is less stress on the FA20 engine which frees up power and results in better acceleration for the Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ. 

Cusco Aluminum Pulley Set comes in the traditional Cusco blue anodized finish only. 

Cusco crank pulley is 1.74 pounds compared to 5.07 pounds stock

Cusco water pump pulley is 0.54 pounds compared to 1.11 pounds stock

Cusco alternator pulley is 0.16 pounds compared to 0.66 pounds stock

Installation time estimated at 2 hours from Cusco