Clutch Masters FX Clutch Kit for FR-S BRZ FX200 FX300 FX400
Product Details:
  • Type: Engine
  • Manufacturer: Clutch Masters
  • Part Number: 15738-HD0F-SK
  • Tags: clutch, fa20, flywheel, fx100, fx300, fx400, fx500, scion fr-s, subaru brz
Product Description

Clutch Masters was quick to market with their proven FX line of clutch kits. For the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota 86 they offer a complete lineup of clutches including pressure plate and steel flywheel. The FX series is designed to handle high torque outputs with minimal compromise to drivability. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on their pressure plates, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power while maintaining a stock pedal feel.

Click the picture to see an installed picture on a Scion FR-S FA20 engine.

Clutch Masters Clutch Kits and torque ratings:
FX100 for 225tq
FX300 for 335tq
FX400 for 500tq
FX500 for 525tq
*Torque ratings are an estimated maximum calculation