Beatrush Front Bumper Beam Brace FRS BRZ
Product Details:
  • Type: Suspension
  • Manufacturer: Beatrush
  • Part Number: S86400PB-FT
  • Tags: Beam, Beatrush, Brace, BRZ, FRS, Support
Price: $299.00
Product Description

If you need extra room for a large front mount intercooler but don't want to cut up your factory front bumper crash beam, then the Beatrush front bumper beam brace is the perfect solution for your FR-S or BRZ.  Bolts into the factory FR-S and BRZ locations and provides the same chassis rigidy and gives plenty of room to add whatever goodies you want up front.  Still retains factory FR-S and BRZ tow hook capabilities.

For off road use only. Customer assumes all risk when modifying the bumper/safety components of their car.