Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator Black -6AN Universal
Product Details:
  • Type: Engine
  • Manufacturer: FRS Mod
  • Part Number: 13109
  • Tags: 06AN, aeromotive, black, fuel pressure regulator
Price: $165.00
Product Description

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator is now available in Black. This fuel pressure regulator can be set to run static fuel pressure, or more commonly used for rising rate fuel pressure with vacuum/boost reference.


This black Aeromotive Fuel Injection Fuel Pressure Regulator Features:

Black finish

Two -6AN Inlet ports on the sides

One -6AN Return port on the bottom

One 1/8NPT port for fuel pressure gauge or sensor

One vacuum reference port for 1:1 rising rate fuel pressure

Don't forget your fittings and hose! Contact us for assistance building your fuel system.

Universal application, for use on fuel injected vehicles.